Provide information about uPVC

  1. What is uPVC?
  • Here we mention specifically about the material, without getting into details about our product. We highlight the difference between PVC and uPVC

  1. Eco-Friendly
  • Here we put in content relevant to it’s eco friendliness such as lead free, virgin ingredients, can be recycled upto 7 times, 59% common salt 41% petroleum etc

  1. Why uPVC?
  • Energy Efficient

uPVC is a very bad conductor of heat and thus prevents loss of heat during winters and prevents outside heat to come within during summers. Also with its machine welded seams and corners there is no chance of direct escape of the same as well

  • Fire Safety

uPVC is a flame retardant material. It neither burns nor assists in combustion unlike wood and timber

  • Sound Insulation

The major USP of uPVC windows is sound insulation. With its double and sometimes triple sealing it keeps most of the unwanted and annoying sounds out.

  • Water Tightness

With its multiple sealing points and its design uPVC windows are virtually water tight.

  • Maximum Wind Resistance

uPVC windows are ideal for installation in high wind velocity sites as due to the high quality material and reinforcements. Compared to aluminium windows they do not cause any rumbling noise.

  • Security

uPVC on its own is a very tough and durable material. During the fabrication process high strength reinforcements are added into it which make it virtually impenetrable. Additionally all the hardware that goes into any of the windows carry multi point locking mechanisms, thus requiring multiple failure for it to go wrong.

  • Maintenance

Modern uPVC windows have evolved into such quality products, from the raw material to the final product, the hardware and all other accessories that go into it makes it a one time product enough to last a life time.


Ecotech Windows and Door Systems is a next generation firm providing quality new age superior Windows and Door Systems.
Gone are the days where the only option available to cover window and door apertures was was aluminium.

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