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Mosquito fly mesh adds up to the feature of 2.5 track UPVC sliding windows

2.5 track UPVC sliding windows slides with the slider sliding from left to right or vis-versa. The Ecotech, 2.5 track UPVC window layouts are contemporarily customers’ first preference as they are very easy to operate. And they open just by sweeping without protruding, the 2.5 track UPVC window manufacturers in Gujarat are a choice of excellent with high-quality windows for rooms, facing roadways, entrances or courtyards.

Ecotech offers a wide range of UPVC Sliding Windows. 2 track UPVC sliding windows, 2.5 track UPVC sliding windows and 3 track UPVC sliding windows. The process of operation of the 2.5 track windows is very simple, there are two sashes inside an outer frame that toil individualistically of each other, on balance spirals, intended to clutch them at any elevation with an inventive design feature letting the sashes to glide easily. The soft & Straight plane sightlines of the window give a sense of exact sophistication & style to any office or home.

2.5 Track UPVC sliding windows
Ecotech is an established 2.5 track UPVC window manufacturers in Gujarat, (India), our Windows are one of the well-known manufacturers of a varied array of UPVC sliding window, Casement Window. The products delivered by us are highly esteemed in the market for qualities like well-built construction, rust-resistant, enduring services that too at a low price. Also, these 2.5 Track UPVC sliding windows are manufactured under the supervision of extremely accomplished, expert and talented specialists using progressive technology and latest machines. Additionally, we offer these products in variety of designs, shape-forms, and technical provisions.

2.5 Track UPVC Sliding windows are summarized versions of 3 track frames which formulae the base of the window. In which, the first 2 tracks are alike and are planned to carry any type of glass slider. The third slider is precisely planned to bring only a mosquito net.
A mesh slider generally goes with most of the sliding windows in India. 2.5 Track UPVC sliding Windows system is usually chosen where the gap in windowsill has limited space and also is somewhat budget-friendly than the typical 3 Track Structure.

Key features of Ecotech 2.5 track UPVC window manufacturers in Gujarat

  1. Easy to use
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Multiple size option
  4. Fly mesh compatibility
  5. Provides 50% opening at any given point
  6. Standard height, 5’ height x 5’ width

2.5 track UPVC Sliding Windows are fixed with nylon sliders at the bottom for smooth horizontal movement. These windows are very easy to function, sliding windows are considered as an ideal choice for apartments which demand ample amount of ventilation. Also, as the 2.5 track UPVC sliding windows sweep open horizontally you don’t have to toe-up high or bend down to open or close the windows.

Features & Benefits of Ecotech, 2.5 track UPVC window manufacturers in Gujarat

  • The horizontal movement of the sashes guarantees better ventilation
  • The convenience of choosing the sash of your choice as multi-track sash option is there to cover larger areas
  • Simple locking system
  • Available in a variety of designs, colors, shapes and hardware choices
  • Superlative consumption of space as the sashes slide left to right or vice versa to open and close
  • Air-tight, compact, benefits to protect the house from noise, dust, heat, and pollution
  • It has monsoon track intended for heavy rains and hurricane bars designed for high wind loads

Visualize awakening to an image of a beautiful sunrise. With Ecotech 2.5 track UPVC window manufacturers in Gujarat, that can actually true out to be a reality. With just a gentle push, sliding window glide slides towards sideways with the use of rollers, delivering simple visuals of the beauty outside. Ecotech 2.5 track UPVC sliding windows are best suited for villas and offices. Accessible in a variety of sizes, they have a specialization to be fixed with fly mesh conditional on individual choices.

  • Ecotech, 5 track UPVC window manufacturers in Gujarat offer series of windows includes 60mm, 70mm sliding windows which can be in common use, you can choose different frames bestowing the sizes and space according to the customer requirements.
  • 5 track UPVC sliding windows have outstanding strength, can achieve the maximum wideness together with the aluminum footboard and are also considered as the best choice for the big living rooms.
  • The Ecotech, 5 track UPVC window manufacturers in Gujarat has designs with a modernized concept with a rich contemporary touch. The innovative v-shaped dispensed mouth makes the coating droplet simple to fix, which advances the visual outcome of the window.
  • The viscosity in the evident side of all main sliding window profiles contains 2.5mm strong glazed coating, and the glazed coat is fixed inside.
  • The special design by Ecotech enhanced channel line and fixed line for the dwelling of screws are simple for the hardware, more safe, enduring and reliable.
  • The sealing block composed with the main profile guarantees the stoppage of water. The water outside cannot get inside the room. The channels guarantee the good dewatering, superior glass links make the dewatering easy, it also protects the glasses and bridge closure on the original position.
  • The special design of Ecotech and the superior quality of hardware channels used was manufactured according to the European standards and also styled the windows to install and fix them easily.

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