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Why are UPVC French windows so trendy in the contemporary times?

UPVC French Windows are highly popular among those looking for the finest, inexpensive and effective balcony windows that give the best view. Ecotech, UPVC French window manufacturers, delivers a wide range of reasonably priced UPVC French balcony windows for all types of homes, traditional or contemporary.

UPVC French balcony windows are known for their stylish look. Forming a link between the balcony and home, they are quite useful during the summer season as they allow air to come into the house. The dual glazing stops warm air from leaving the house, thereby eliminating the need for heaters in the winter months. Thus, energy bills are also reduced.

The UPVC French balcony windows also deliver a clear view of the balcony.

UPVC French balcony windows add to the value of the property and can make the house more attractive and energy-efficient. In the current environmental scenario, this is an immense benefit as low consumption of energy helps the planet as a whole.

If you are looking for UPVC French balcony windows in a traditional or modern-day style, Ecotech, UPVC French window manufacturers, is the right choice for you. At Ecotech we have high-quality products and its choices available for customers at reasonable prices. It is common to link low prices with low quality. But all the products manufactured by Ecotech, UPVC French window manufacturers, disprove this notion. They are of high-class quality and are fitted by the most specialized installers to give you the service you deserve.

High-quality and energy efficiency are the significant criteria while making your decision about French windows to be fitted at home. UPVC French balcony windows not only enhance the beauty of the house but also allows sufficient sunlight and air to enter the house, thereby making it the first choice of the customers.

UPVC French Casement Windows

UPVC French Casement Windows are the first choice among many houseowners today. Hinged from one side of the frame, UPVC French casement windows ventilate the house in addition to making it artistically attractive. Delivering a blend of safety, luxury, comfort, and energy efficiency, UPVC French casement windows are a perfect acquisition for any house be it traditional or contemporary. At Ecotech, the team provides you with all the information you need to know while selecting and installing UPVC French casement windows.

Are you searching for a contemporary way to decorate your house?

Swapping outdated windows with new windows is exceedingly profitable for property holders who want to style their houses without breaking the bank. Ecotech is among the few UPVC French Window manufacturers that provide energy-efficient and cost-effective products that are also stylish. There is an extensive range of UPVC French casement windows which are suitable for all types of houses.

UPVC French Casement windows are available in all shapes and sizes. All our UPVC French windows manufactured at Ecotech come with a six-point high safety locking system, reinforced glass and reinforced frames. So that customers can modify the locking system of the new windows of their house, which will deliver maximum safety and energy efficiency.

Difference between UPVC French balcony window and UPVC French casement windows

  • Physical Differences
    When it comes to the replacement of the windows of your home, the dimensions of your window opening will impact your choice of window. Sliding UPVC French balcony windows are used in openings that are wide and tall. They open by sliding sideways, with one panel sliding over the other. UPVC French Casement Windows, also identified as crank windows, are usually chosen for tall and narrow window openings. The windows swing outward and are connected to the side of the window frame by a hinge. UPVC French Casement Windows can be opened and closed with a crank, handle or lever.
  • Window Ventilation
    There is an inconsistency in how ventilation takes place through the openings based on how each different window type is built. UPVC French Casement Windows open entirely but in a narrow space, so the air can pass from the entire opening. With sliding UPVC French balcony Windows, half of the window space is closed or is overlapping, so these types of windows do not provide as much ventilation. Ecotech, the sliding UPVC French window manufacturer, has designed the windows in such a way to allow both panes to be opened at the same time, letting in maximum ventilation from a sliding window.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Both the sliding UPVC French balcony windows and the UPVC French casement windows are energy efficient, but there is a difference between the two. To access the UPVC French balcony window, the windows should easily be able to slide and open-up. The seal must be somewhat flexible to allow the window to smoothly open and close. The UPVC French casement window’s seal is not so flexible. But both UPVC French window choices are energy efficient.

How to choose between the UPVC French balcony and casement Windows by Ecotech, the UPVC French window manufacturers?

The amount of space you have for your windows to open will help you in determining which type of window you should choose. Ecotech, UPVC French window manufacturers sliding UPVC French balcony windows feature reinforced sashes, double brass rollers, and fully combined lift rails so they function effortlessly, are durable and secure.

If you are looking for a fully-reinforced frame as well as reinforced sashes UPVC French casement windows can be the right choice. These are the standard windows manufactured at Ecotech. A full, four-sided reinforcement will secure your casement windows and will not get deformed over time. Ecotech’s UPVC French casements windows open to a full 90-degree angle, letting airflow into your house. This unique styled window requires very little maintenance.

Ecotech, UPVC French window manufacturers, provide you and your family with several choices at a price that is easy to afford. If you are looking for energy-efficient, high-quality windows that will add value to your home, Ecotech is the right choice for you.

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